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Jill Benbow is a runner, skier, biker, mom, community manager and a member of ELEVATE’s community of entrepreneurs, tech workers and badasses. When she’s not listening to podcasts or working for a Seattle-based tech company, you can find her out on the trails running, skiing or biking. She’s also downright hilarious and one of the masterminds behind ELEVATE’s Thirsty Thursdays (our member-only Thursday afternoon get-togethers).

What do you do (for work, life and play)?

 I’m a Senior Community Manager for RealSelf, a Seattle-based tech company.  When I’m not doing all things community I’m an outdoors enthusiast and enjoy getting into the woods as much as possible be it via ski, bike, or run.

What’s your vision/goal for the next year? (BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

I have a pretty full plate right now so my main focus is just getting through each day.

Why did you move to Summit? How long have you been here?

I moved here after graduating from CU Boulder 13+ years ago in an effort to never grow up.  It half worked.

What’s your motivation?

Usually being able to afford the next beach vacation. 

What’s your biggest challenge?

Time management 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My annoying alarm clock, mornings will never be my thing.

What’s your “WHY” in life or for work?

To do my part to make the world a better place, even if it is just through a kind comment or a simple gesture.  Never underestimate the power of simple kindness. 

How do you manage setbacks or obstacles? 

I spend some time thinking deeply about the issue, then come up with steps to move forward. 

Why work at a coworking space?

I’m more productive at Elevate versus working from home.  When you work from home you have laundry and dishes (and a fully stocked kitchen).  It is also harder to totally disconnect from work when you are done, blurring the work/life balance.  Having a physically separate place to work has helped my work/life balance tremendously.  The social aspect is something really valuable, it is great group of people to share a workspace with.  Working at a coffee shop does not offer the same benefits.

What’s your secret sauce or superhero power or secret weapon?

I can solve any problem with a trail run.  The answers just show up and everything makes sense.

What’s your advice to other tech workers/remote workers?

Try coworking.  Seriously.  

Favorite trail or outdoor activity/spot to be?

I’m just happy to be in the woods! 

Anything else? (favorite podcast, book, quote)

Podcasts – Being Boss and My Favorite Murder

Books – Game of Thrones (patiently waiting for the next one!)

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