We believe in a better, more elevated, way to work.

And we believe in creating a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and remote workers who can build a more resilient and prosperous economy and more vibrant, diverse community right here in Summit County. .

Be more productive

A community helps you work smarter, not harder, giving you more time to spend with friends, family and on the trails.

Grow your startup or career

Get the resources, inspiration and motivation to launch a startup or grow your business or career.

Be happier and more balanced

Work smarter, not harder. A community helps you get out of your home (and your pajamas) and keeps you on track toward your goals.

Connect and collaborate

No need to be lonely at home. Find your tribe. Join a community of smart, motivated entrepreneurs and innovators.

Learn more

Challenge yourself. Take a workshop or sign up for classes or programs and elevate your career, business and life.

Elevate yourself

Invest in yourself with workshops and Engage in a professional, supportive network to help you and your business soar.