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BLOG: Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy. She’s the founder and digital marketing coach behind Power Joy Marketing. Wendy’s passion is empowering entrepreneurs with in-person workshops and strategy sessions. We sat down with Wendy to talk about launching a business, joining the ELEVATE team as our Community Cultivator and Manager, and advice for entrepreneurs trying to get their marketing message to connect with customers.

What do you do for work, life and play?

Wendy Nakajima is a digital marketing and business coach for entrepreneurs.

As a digital marketing coach, I get to live my love everyday. Most of all, I use my 10+ years of experience in advertising, eCommerce and journalism to help businesses articulate their story into powerful marketing. You can also find me in the kitchen, writing about new restaurants, or planning my next adventure.

What’s your vision or goal for the next year?

I want my Power Joy marketing workshops and 1×1 strategy sessions to empower each entrepreneur and small business. Together, we will create strong brands, impactful marketing and joyful results.

Why did you move to Summit? How long have you been here?

I am lucky to call both Summit and Denver my home. In 2017, new business opportunities and love beckoned me to the mountains. My beautiful mountain commute is perfect for catching-up on podcasts.

What motivates you?

Sparking creativity. Helping others. High-fives. Productive days. Traveling.

Wendy and her dog Lilly explore Colorado.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Lengthy “To-do” lists. Therefore, I try to strategically re-evaluate and prioritize multiple times a day.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Literally, my dog Lilly. With a paw and a whine, she wants to get the day started NOW. I try to match her morning enthusiasm.

What’s your “WHY” in life or for work?

Creating a balanced, joyful life for myself and everyone I work with. Sharing entrepreneurs’ business stories through powerful marketing that attracts customers, closes sales and breaks thru the media clutter.

How do you manage setbacks or obstacles?

Deep breaths. An adaptable and strategic plan.

Remembering, the power within me is greater than any obstacle before me.

Why work at a coworking space?

Swap ideas with co-workers who “get it.” You are on the same life page.

What’s your secret sauce or superhero power or secret weapon?

Black sand beach yoga in Hawaii.

Avocados on everything, yoga, lots of water and BEING BOSS podcasts.

What’s your advice to other entrepreneurs or remote workers or innovators? 

Do what you love and outsource what drains you. Most importantly, partner with people who share your vision but have different strengths.

Name your fears. Write them down. Create a plan. Make your plan routine everyday. Be flexible when others are freaking out.

Favorite trail or outdoor/indoor spot to be?

Seeing the mountains reflect in the lake at the Dillon Marina.





BLOG: Get Unstuck in Business

Everyone faces burn out or hits a wall or just loses motivation. Trust me. I know. I’m stuck. Entrepreneurship is damn hard sometimes. And this is one of those times.

Everyone wants to talk about the sunny, bright side of entrepreneurship and business ownership. But, what we do when we’re stuck is even more important than what we do when we achieve a major milestone.

So, as we get ready to celebrate a major milestone – ELEVATE Frisco’s 2-Year Anniversary (mark your calendar for our soiree on Oct. 19) – I had a revelation. I’m not as motivated as I could be or should be. I’m stuck.

I need to “get going” but how?

Here’s what I’m doing right now to get my motivation mojo back. (and huge thanks to everyone for your support and, for those entrepreneurs who shared their stories and tips with me):

  1. Admit that you’re stuck and seek support and help
    • I didn’t realize how stuck I was until I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Intrepid Entrepreneur, and Kristen (the host) bravely shared her story of being stuck and then how she slowly got herself unstuck. (Thanks Kristen)
  2. Revisit your why (aka your purpose) to reset yourself
    • I recently re-watched the Simon Sinek TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” or as it’s become known “Start with Why” to help me re-focus on my purpose and mission. Then, I wrote my purpose and mission in my notebook so I see it every day.
    • Maybe you need to pivot or change directions entirely. That’s okay. Do it now and do it quickly.
  3. Feel gratitude for where you are (mired in muck) and what you’re learning now even if they’re painful lessons
    • Yeah. This one sounds much easier than it really is. But, trust me – try it. Figure out what you’re supposed to learn from your current situation and be grateful for the lessons and insights. With an “attitude of gratitude, things don’t just look better — they really do get better.”
  4. Dig into where you’re stuck, ask questions to yourself, to your team, to others to help pinpoint:
    1. the limiting belief that’s holding you back
    2. and then the habits that are keeping you stuck
  5. Dig deep to change that limiting belief.
    • This is a tough one to change, but it’s critical. Otherwise, it truly does become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • A business coach can help tremendously with this one. I’m still working through this one.
  6. Commit to getting rid of at least one habit that was holding you back and to trying a new approach or tactic
    • I’m still working on this one.
  7. Keep track of everything and hold yourself accountable. Or, better yet, find an accountability buddy to help you (or business coach)
  8. Celebrate the small wins and small steps forward

As I said, I’m still working through this process but am grateful for the support and for my community. If you’re going through a similar situation, reach out. We’d love to help, support and guide you – and, as always, would love to learn from you, too.

Speaking of which, here are a few more articles and resources:


Here’s to a new day! Make it count.

BLOG: Tech Mixer at ELEVATE Breck

We’re excited to bring the first-ever tech mixer to Breckenridge on Sept. 29 at ELEVATE Breck. This event is for those who work in tech and those who love them to get together in an informal environment, have a bite and a drink and talk about tech stuff – new developments, new projects, etc.

For this first event on Sept. 29, FathomVR, an ELEVATE Breck member company, will be on hand with some virtual reality toys. The Tech Mixer is set 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29 at Elevate’s new Breckenridge location, at 505 S Main St (between Hub and LoLo Juice). There’s free parking for two hours underground at Main Street Station.

We envisage the first couple of mixers as being very informal, but we’ve already got some ideas for future events:

  • Lightning talks – 5-15 minute presentations on interesting topics, developments, projects;
  • Matchups between those wanting tech help or development services and those who can provide it.

We’ll be looking for your input as to how you’d like to see the mixers progress. And we’ll be looking for sponsors to help support these meetups and the community with food, drinks and funding.

The event’s open to all, but please register beforehand so that we don’t run out of sustenance. RSVP online through our meetup group.

For more information, email or

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

–Dave Knell

Our Favorite Badass Podcasts for Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Outdoor Industry

Lately, we’ve been asked … what are our favorite podcasts. Here’s a smattering of what we’ve been listening to in no particular order. Let us know your favorites or if you have any feedback.

Startup & Entrepreneur/Business Podcasts
Startup (Gimlet):
The Tim Ferriss Show:
The Growth Show:
EO Fire:
Planet Money:

Outdoor Industry
Intrepid Entrepreneur: (outdoor entrepreneurs)
MTN Meister:
OIA Outdoorist:
Dirtbag Diaries:
The Skift Podcast (travel industry updates):

Six Pixels of Separation:

BLOG: Believe Your Way to Financial Success

NOTE: This article was also posted on Nina’s LinkedIn blog

Recently, I was interviewed by Hilary Hendershott on Profit Boss Radio about how our attitudes inevitably shape the way we experience money. Our money beliefs form early in our lives, and they typically are tied to our upbringings. Once you understand what’s behind these beliefs, you can challenge those that are holding you back.

As a career and success coach, I specialize in directing people’s core energy. I work with clients to identify the motives that drive their actions and results that will generate progressive inertia — and how to shift away from the energy that blocks potential. This process includes using the Energy Leadership Index, which is an assessment administered by the Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching (iPEC). It measures seven different levels of energy and how they show up during different circumstances, from stressful to optimal. Each energy level has its pluses and minuses, and no state is permanent. We all have particular default levels and operating tendencies that lead to matching experiences.

At every energy level, there are unique core thoughts, feelings, and actions that affect our experiences. Let’s look at the seven different forms of energy that filter our perspectives on money. Which energy level filters your money views?

Energy Level 1: Core Thought: “I Am Losing”

At level one, we feel hopeless and out of control when it comes to our finances. These feelings color our reality with matching behaviors, like avoidance of bills, piling of debt, being a slave to our jobs, accepting less than we’re worth, and generally believing that there’s no way to get ahead. Acting from this low energy does little to shift the situation. In fact, when we focus on the thought of “losing,” we simply attract more of the same. It’s helpful to recognize that there are many ways to look at the situation.

Level one leads to actions and outcomes of scarcity. To shift from level one, ask yourself questions like, “Is it true that there are no alternatives to losing? How can I make small steps toward gain? What needs to happen to stabilize my situation? Who else has overcome financial issues, and what can I learn from them?” These questions will widen your perspective beyond the current situation and make space for a new reality to unfold.

Energy Level 2: Core Thought: “I Win, You Lose” 

At level two, we allow feelings of frustration and conflict to guide our actions. This causes us to overcompensate for insecurities about our financial positions with self-serving aggression. Here, we exhibit actions of greed that are solely focused on our own personal gain, without any consideration for others. We might find ourselves accumulating more debt, constantly arguing about money, battling negotiations, or losing employees and coworkers.

Before we get all judgmental about level two behavior, let’s first recognize how common it is. In our competitive and capitalistic society, it’s easy to get trapped in the mindset that there can only be one winner. This is why level two energy runs rampant in business and corporate America. While level two can stimulate short-term motivation through its intimidating energy, it is rarely sustainable, and leads to negative outcomes like isolation, greater financial loss, and turnover.

When you identify level two behavior, ask questions that go beyond the ego, such as, “Is it necessary that someone else must lose in order for me to gain? What is the most responsible action I can take to represent myself and others? What are some ways for everyone to win?”

Energy Level 3: Core Thought: “I Win, but I Hope You Win, Too”

Level three energy is a place of coping. From this space, we have a greater ability to act responsibly as well as to find compromise within an otherwise tough situation. Here is where our vantage point widens beyond ourselves. Then, we transcend, at least slightly, into situational awareness that’s more than just “my own loss” (level one) or “my own gain” (level two). Here, we realize that there’s actually a big world outside of ourselves. From this level, we might seek help from a financial expert to help manage our money issues, or we might be willing to compromise during a negotiation.

While level three begins to stabilize an otherwise tumultuous financial situation, it also tends to keep us in “toleration mode,” where our full financial potential remains blocked. The status quo becomes a comfort zone, making us somewhat risk-averse and often financially stagnant.

If level three money energy resonates with you, then consider a perspective shift. Ask questions like, “How can I push myself outside of my comfort zone? What would have to happen for me to feel really good about money, versus just ’okay’ about it? What’s the difference between controlling money and allowing it to flow?”

Energy Level 4: Core Thought: “You Win”

At level four, we give our money and value to others. This is a very caring space, where many of us naturally operate as parents, spouses, friends, and relatives. And, while giving things away is generous and admirable, it’s not always appropriate — and it’s definitely not sustainable for running a business. At energy level four, we might find ourselves undercutting our services and accepting less than our worth in an effort to help our clients, colleagues and managers. We’ll also have a service mentality that overlooks our own potential for gain.

While this energy stimulates the flow of money outside of ourselves, we keep ourselves excluded from that flow, and over time, this can lead to feelings of burden (level one), resentment, and frustration (level two). We might also feel like everyone around us is gaining but ourselves.

When you detect level four energy, here are some thoughts to consider: “How can I include myself in the outcome of everyone’s gain? What would a win-win look like and how is it different than only allowing others to win?”

Energy Level 5: Core Thought: “We All Win”

This is the space where we transcend the “me vs. them” mentality and consistently operate in consideration of “we,” or everyone’s gain. We understand that there’s always a way for everyone to win — all we have to do is work together to find it. This energy level is highly collaborative and works well in business. We are willing to listen to opposing points-of-view, as well as openly assert our own ideas. A person operating from level five is committed to reconciliation for the sole purpose of getting to an innovative idea, which leads to everyone’s gain.

Running our businesses from level five will never undercut anyone’s value, including our own. We will match our high expectations for gain with the same value of offerings. We’ll attract opportunities and teams of people who welcome our leadership because of our win-win approach.

While level five energy tends to be a great space for financial gain and opportunity, it also can cause over analysis. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the available opportunities, ask yourself questions like, “How does my gut feel about this decision? What’s the worse that could happen if I move forward and test a certain approach?”

Energy Level 6: Core Thought: “Money Is Shared by All” 

Energy level six is where we begin to operate from a place of trust and intuition when it comes to our money beliefs. Here, we understand that money is flowing all around us. In order to access it, all we need to do is reach out and connect.

From this space, we are less interested in competing and more interested in synthesizing our efforts and influence with others, since we know that success begets success. It’s an ongoing “boats rise with the tide” philosophy. We trust that there’s enough wealth and success for everyone — it is shared by a collective whole that we are all a part of. In other words, at level six, we intuitively know that the only thing separating us from an endless sea of financial success is ourselves.

How do you connect to level six? Ask yourself, “What lens of energy is blocking me from casting my net into the flow of financial success? How can I begin to connect with the flow of wealth all around us? What impact can I make as a connected influence of this world?”

Energy Level 7: Core Thought: “Money Is Just Paper”

Ah, the elusive level seven. Okay, it’s tough to embrace the value of money as little more than its physical properties. After all, we’ve all experienced money’s impact on our lives, on both an emotional and mental level — heck, maybe even a spiritual level.

However, at the end of the day, money serves us according to our perspectives. In other words, money plays the role that we give it on our own grand stages of life. The importance we place on money is entirely up to us — it can preoccupy us, motivate us, overtake us, support us, or even break us. Yet, still, at the end of the day it is just paper assigned with a value.

When times are tough with money, energy level seven is worth our contemplation. It’s also useful in allowing us to let go of money, so that it may continue its cycle of flow. Ask yourself, “How much value do I place on money? What role do I allow money to play in my life — is it supportive or destructive? How might shifting my value of money change the way I feel about life?”

Nina Cashman is a member of the DailyWorth Connect program. Learn more about the DailyWorth here.

Meet Sarah Stillings

BLOG: Meet Sarah Stillings

Don’t let the cool, calm exterior fool you, Sarah Stillings is a fierce competitor, especially when it comes to trivia night. She has a penchant for learning and exploring. And for pushing herself whether it’s skinning up a mountain, rock climbing or tackling a new project at work. Meet Sarah. She’s a rock climber, skier, jewelry maker, trivia night ninja and part of our ELEVATE tribe.

What do you do (for work, life and play)?

For work, I am a Technical Project Manager for Pearson, an educational technology and publishing company. It’s basically a fusion of project management and web development. For life/play, I love being active — skiing, climbing rocks, hiking, biking , yoga-ing. I also love relaxing with a beer, books, podcasts, movies and even crafts if I’m feeling saucy (I make earrings, tell your friends!)

What’s your vision/goal for this 2016 for work?

I’m wrapping up a long term project that will have a major impact on the department I work in. I’ll be committing a lot of time maintaining that project as it gets off the ground while dipping into other projects.

Why did you move to Summit?

My boyfriend and I became weary of city living. We wanted to find a community who shared our passion for the outdoors. Jesse got a job with the Summit County Open Space and Trails dept and we picked up and moved within a month ‘ s time!

What’s your motivation?

Life balance!  While I value my career, I am definitely a “work to live” type of person. I’m so grateful to be able to work remotely in a mountain town and have the freedom to make my own schedule. That’s what keeps me on track at work.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Self-management. Having never worked 100% remotely before, I’ve always relied on the energy and focus an office environment provided me with. Now that I have no one around me working on the same projects, I’ve learned a lot about how to self-motivate and stay on task. Focusing is MUCH easier being at Elevate than on my couch in sweatpants!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm and only my alarm. I’m not a morning person! 😉

What’s your “WHY” in life or for work?

People (and canines.) Everything I do in work and life centers around the people I care about most; making it to my friends’ weddings, seeing my parents on Christmas, treating my boyfriend to dinner. And I can’t forget my sweet little pup, Cora, who motivates me to work hard so we can play hard!

How do you ELEVATE your BIZ?

Since I work for an established company, I have to go above and beyond to make myself stand out as an asset to the company. I’m always pitching new ideas to improve the business and forming solutions to problems.

How do you manage setbacks or obstacles?

Perseverance. I try to remind myself that set backs are part of work (and life) and carry on. Without the obstacles, life would be pretty boring.

What’s your secret sauce or superhero power or secret weapon?

It’s everyone’s secret weapon, I suppose…Google! I can’t tell you how many sticky (tech) situations I’ve gotten myself out of just by a little research into knowledge base articles and forums. It’s remarkable how much info is out there for the taking and knowing where to look and how to harness that knowledge is invaluable.

What’s your advice to other tech workers or entrepreneurs and business owners?

If you can find a situation where you can work anywhere in the world, snag it! It’s an unbelievable privilege and it will change your life.

BLOG: New Full Stack+ Web & Mobile Development Program Launches at ELEVATE


·             Opportunity for Locals to Double, Triple their Salary with a New Career in Tech

·             Open House for the Full Stack+ Program Will be Held 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19

FRISCO, Colo. – April, 2016 – A new career path in tech could help locals in Summit County double or triple their salary.

A new Full Stack+ web and mobile development program could be the solution, say Amy Kemp and Wendy Basey of ELEVATE coworking space in Frisco.

The ELEVATE team has partnered with Regis University to launch the first Full Stack+ web and mobile development program in the mountains. The 16-week accelerated software engineering and web development graduate-level program will begin in August and offers more than just the typical full stack program of back-end and front-end web development. In addition, the program will include web visualizations and mobile development.

Full stack developers, sometimes called the “Jack of all trades for developers,” are in demand by tech companies and startups around the world and typically make $89,000+ in the U.S.( That compares to Summit County’s per capita income of $33,052. (Northwest Council of Governments)

“There’s no question that we need to diversify our economy in Summit County and create higher paying jobs,” says long-time local Kemp. “We’re too reliant on tourism, construction and real estate. We have one of the most highly educated communities in the state, but we have one of the lowest per capita incomes. We are shockingly underemployed and underpaid. It’s time to change that.”

According to Kemp and Basey, creating more tech jobs would give Summit County locals an opportunity to afford to live here and to contribute to an even more vibrant community.

“It’s time for us to forge our own future and build a hub for innovation and creativity right here in Summit County,” adds Kemp.

The Full Stack+ program is an opportunity to create a high tech workforce of remote workers or local startup founders or skilled employees to be hired by local tech companies like Dave Knell’s TeleNg and Fathom VR (virtual reality). Knell is a Breck-based entrepreneur and programmer who has struggled with hiring talented, experienced developers and programmers in Summit County.

He recently partnered with Kemp and fellow entrepreneur James Lee to open ELEVATE Breck, ELEVATE coworking’s second location in Breckenridge. ELEVATE Breck is set to open this spring.

“I’ve been surprised at how small the pool of developer talent is in Summit County,” says Knell. “As a result, I’ve become an effective outsourcer. I would much rather employ people here – it’s easier for me to work with someone in the same office rather than on a different continent and I’d prefer to keep money in this neck of the woods.  Elevate’s Full Stack+ program has the potential to make a real difference to its graduates, to local employers and to our community, and I’m excited to see it happening here.”

The 16-week Full Stack+ program aims to teach people to code and develop the “full stack” of back-end and front-end web and mobile skills.

It’s more than the typical full stack program, that’s why we’re calling it Full Stack+, says Rob Sjodin, lead instructor for the Full Stack+ program with Regis University. It includes four modules:

·             MSSE 661, Web Software Development

·             MSSE 663, Web Frameworks

·             MSSE 665, Web Visualization Frameworks

·             MSSE 667, Web Mobile Frameworks

Each module is four weeks and in-person classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m. at ELEVATE Frisco. At the end of the 16 weeks, students will receive a graduate-level certificate in web development and have 12 credit hours that can be applied towards a Master of Science in Software Engineering degree.

It’s an accelerated program that offers more than just the standard full stack web development program, says Sjodin. This Full Stack+ program offers twice as much content as most of the other full stack programs at half the cost.

Tuition start at $8,700-ish for the 16-week program that starts in August, 2016. An open house will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 at ELEVATE Frisco to educate the community about the program and to help them with financial aid and the application process.

In tech, it’s more important to have the skills and the portfolio vs. a degree. The Full Stack+ program does that.

The Full Stack+ program is designed for anyone who is interested in learning to build and develop web and mobile. A fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS is preferred and students should have a bachelor’s degree.

The Full Stack+ Program open house is set for 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 at ELEVATE Frisco. Representatives from Regis University’s admissions program and Full Stack instructors wil be on hand to answer questions.

For more information, visit or contact 970-368-6139.

BLOG: What is Your Purpose?

By Claudine Norden

Have you seen Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winner, Hugo?  It is about an orphaned boy who embarks on a quest to solve the mystery of the automaton clock and find a place he can call home. I was inspired by the deep message of the quest for purpose.


Hugo: Everything has a purpose, even machines. Clocks tell the time, trains take you places. They do what they’re meant to do, like Monsieur Labisse. Maybe that’s why broken machines make me so sad, they can’t do what they’re meant to do. Maybe it’s the same with people. If you lose your purpose, it’s like you’re broken.

[Hugo takes Isabelle to the back of the giant train station clock where they watch the beauty of Paris at night]

Hugo: Right after my father died, I would come up here a lot. I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason too.

In my line of work as a LifePlan™ Facilitator, people are inspired to come to me because they are at a period of life transition, life is out of balance in some way or they are searching for a greater sense of purpose and meaning.  I invite them to reflect and dream.

Dreams give us vitality.  The pursuit of dreams creates passion and energy.  At different points in our life journey, we get caught up in surviving versus thriving.  Purpose is living the life you were meant to live.  Dreaming starts the journey.

I invite you to dream and begin the journey of self-exploration with us at Elevate CoSpace on Tuesday, April 19 from Noon-1:00pm for a brown bag Dream Workshop.


Claudine Norden

Certified LifePlan™ Facilitator, Ascent Planning, LLC

Our Team is Growing!

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Shamus Lahman is joining the ELEVATE team as our brand-new community cultivator. He’s a badass and we’re so excited to have him on board. Here’s a welcome note from Shamus, himself:

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be the newest member of this amazing team here at ELEVATE coSpace in Frisco. My expertise in digital marketing, content creation, and creativity will bring new energy and a new flavor to the coworking community. Ever since I was introduced to the tech community here in Summit County last year, I knew this was the place I wanted to be with fellow entrepreneurs, innovators and forward-thinking people.

I’ve been living in Summit County for the better part of four years now but originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Right out of high school, I pursued a career in golf course management and tournament operations. My first job out of college was as an Assistant Golf Professional doing everything needed to keep the daily golf course operations running smoothly. During this time I picked up my first DSLR camera and found out I had a knack for photography and videography.

At the golf course I took on various marketing responsibilities as time went on. After more than four years with the same umbrella company, I was promoted and gained responsibilities of running seven different social media accounts including weddings and events, involved with marketing activities, and still working the Assistant position.

Getting burnt out on the golf life, I began to pursue freelancing opportunities, gaining experience in all aspects of digital marketing and teaching myself to be knowledgable with design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom to name a few. I also taught myself HTML and CSS as well as WordPress for website development. Much of which I still use everyday for various projects.

In a short time I’ve had a client base of over a dozen companies ranging from night clubs, restaurants to lawyers and everything in between. Needing a change of pace from the flat landscapes of New Jersey, I decided to embark on a journey to wonderful Colorado, where I now call home.

When I’m not community cultivating here at Elevate or helping companies create their digital presence, I’m usually working on my mobile app, Fish Conserve which got 3rd place at the recent StartUp Weekend event here at ELEVATE. I’m also an avid snowboarder trying to find the freshest powder lines, or fly fishing on Colorado’s finest rivers trying to catch that state record fish.

BLOG: A Love Letter to Our ELEVATE Tribe


Dear ELEVATE tribe –

I believe in you. More importantly, I believe in us.

I love that we’re making shit happen, shaking things up and doing it in a place that we all love.

I love that we’re building a community of innovation, tech and creativity right here in Summit County. I love that we’re growing in numbers and in collaborations. I can feel the energy building every day at ELEVATE. I love that we’re expanding to a second location in Breck and, most of all, I love that through ELEVATE I’ve met some of the most dynamic, inspiring, badass entrepreneurs, developers, designers, coaches, skiers, snowboarders and people.

Two years ago I thought I was brave and had grit.

Like all entrepreneurs, I took that scary but exhilarating leap with oodles of confidence and unbounded optimism. I love that despite the bumps and bruises, I’m still optimistic and still believe we can make our community – and our world – a more progressive, vibrant, awesome place.

Now, I know what true grit is. I know what being courageous is. I know that passion only gets you so far. I’ve re-learned that it’s not just what you do but also how you do it.

You’ve been there for the ups and downs, the highs and lows.

For that, I say thank you. And, for that, I love you and love us. Our tribe.

I love that we’re a diverse, hard-charging group of badasses who can rock long work days, climb mountains AND who can shake it at a dance party (or two or three) and celebrate in the back of a pickup truck at Ullr Fest.

I love that every day I can have real conversations with other entrepreneurs like Holly Resignolo, Shawna Henderson and Jaime Harmon about the sacrifices, the intense hours and the terrifying moments of the startup world. That I have the support of business coaches like Kathryn Grohusky, Katie Hardy and Katie Collins who ask the right questions and give insightful feedback. That I can be challenged to expand my horizons and mind by innovators like Mark Mulrooney, Sarah Stillings and Chris McMahon. That I can be inspired to keep learning from role models Michele Camilio and Mary Gessner. That I can collaborate with dynamic and smart people like James Lee and Jill Benbow. And that I can raise a glass, grab some lunch and shake my booty with friends like Kirk Barrell, Channing Nuss, Courtney Hampton and our entire ELEVATE crew.

Thanks to all of you. For believing in me, in ELEVATE and in our mission to create a better – more elevated way to work, live and play. I love you all for that. Keep being badasses and shaking things up (and your booty).

Love, Amy