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BLOG: Pitch Night at Breckenridge Startup Weekend

By Sarah L. Knapp

The sixth Startup Weekend Breck began Friday at the Breckenridge Backstage Theater. Around 60 people filled the theater chatting and drinking fresh Breckenridge Brewery IPA. As the official start time approached, an energy started shooting through the crowd as the presenters grabbed another drink or coolly meandered into the theater.

As the lights went down, the Startup Weekend facilitator, Jeremy Kennell, opened the night’s activities with a collective icebreaker as attendees turned left and right to introduce themselves. Next up, Jeremy led a creativity warm-up called the “Half Baked Idea.” It began as the audience yelled out nouns and adjectives that combined to form potential product ideas including “Fuzzy Brick,” “Fast House” and “Sticky Mountain.” Groups spread out to form sales pitches for these products and then presented them, with creative concepts ranging from width changing skis to smart, driverless cars. Now, the entrepreneurial minds were starting to fire in force.

The teams are working diligently at ELEVATE Breck for Startup Weekend Breck.

The pitches for the night were varied, each with their own inspiration and excitement. The ideas ranged from online communities to iPhone apps to traditional brick and mortar businesses. These pitches focused both on serving the Breckenridge community and on reaching international ubiquity. Each brought a story from a local visionary intent on solving a problem (many that they themselves had experienced). The night wrapped up with voting and team creation for a weekend full of brainstorming, ideating, and building. The teams are working all weekend to bring their ideas to life at ELEVATE Breck.

Come join on Sunday night  (Nov. 12) at the Breckenridge Theatre to hear the final pitches and start thinking up your own future venture.

Summit Innovation Week : April 5-9

Calling all entrepreneurs and innovators. Join us for Summit Innovation Week April 5-9 where we’re celebrating our pioneering spirit and innovation in Summit County. See below for a listing of other events.

Badass Businesses Pitch Night

6 local companies and startups who are going through our first-ever Badass Business Bootcamp will pitch at ELEVATE.


COILSx: In the Mountains

Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit


Startup Weekend Breck – Outdoor Innovation

Pitch an idea, join a team and launch a business or venture in 54 hours (or come on Friday and Sunday nights to hear and cheer on the pitches)

Friday ski/ride meetup at ELEVATE Breck

  • Friday, April 7
  • 6:30 am Dawn Patrol followed by a 9 am lift-accessed ski/ride meetup
  • Meet Coach Joe at ELEVATE Breck

Join us! Badass Biz Bootcamp Pitch Night April 5th

Support Summit County’s badass entrepreneurs – launching their startup daydreams at Pitch Night on Wednesday, April 5th at 5:30 p.m. at ELEVATE Frisco (711 Granite Street.) 

Six businesses have finished the gauntlet of ELEVATE’s (first ever!) Badass Biz Bootcamp, a five-week new business workshop for startup companies. In other words, they are business-tested, financially-savvy and ready to successfully launch at Pitch Night.

For five weeks, each business has worked with a mentor in ELEVATE’s network of successful entrepreneurs and has been workshopping their business plan. However, for many of these businesses, Pitch Night is the culmination of months (even years) of hard work and the relentless pursuit of their entrepreneurial dream.

Join us for Pitch Night – a special edition of our Pitches & Pints series – where entrepreneurs will debut their businesses to the world. Then, “cheers” the Biz Bootcamp teams over a pint at Backcountry Brewery. This is the perfect opportunity to network with local startup leaders. Who knows? You could get in on the ground floor of an exciting, profitable venture.

At Pitch Night, you will hear business proposals from:

1. Our Green Nation – Leya Nicolait
A one-of-a-kind digital site and marketplace with hundreds of expertly curated articles and products for your green lifestyle.

2. Bark & Wag – Polly ReQua
(A Start-up Weekend Favorite!)
Get customized dog collars for man’s best friend. Perfect for your next fundraising event!

3. Cozey 7 – Jill Winckler and Tony Tomassetti
Unique Toddler jumpers perfect for hitting the trail with your little one. Perfect baby present! Colorado-made.

4. My Food Fox – Jaime Harmon, Jason Ardell, Conor Gilsenan and Phil Chambless
(A Start-up Weekend Favorite!)
Luxury Vacation Home Meal Delivery. Have your vacation home’s refrigerator stocked with ready-to-eat, gourmet meals when you arrive.

5. Center for Hope, Healing and Enhancement- Cynthia Behr
Cynthia is opening a revitalizing brain business featuring neurofeedback therapy – which has benefits that range from meditiative to recovery after a brain injury.

6. Power Joy Now – Wendy Nakajima
Wendy is a digital marketing consultant (with 10+ years of experience) who is helping creative business owners sell more on Etsy, Shopify and Amazon with strategy sessions, coaching and workshops.

So c’mon down to ELEVATE for Pitch Night and help support Summit County’s latest crop of entrepreneurs, making their dreams come true. We will see you afterwards at Backcountry Brewery to celebrate their business launches!

BLOG: Pitches and Pints Event

You asked for it. We listened.

That’s why we created a new monthly event at ELEVATE Frisco – Pitches and Pints. You said you wanted an event where you could pitch an idea, business or prototype and get feedback. So, that’s what we helped to create.

This is an event for entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, software engineers, business owners, wanna-be business owners, investors, marketers, community leaders and anyone else who’s interested in supporting the entrepreneurial community in Summit County, Colorado.

Join us every last Wednesday of the month for the Pitches and Pints event. We’ll kick off the event at 5:30 pm with one to three pitches. Each pitch will have a time limit of 5-10 minutes and feedback will be limited to 5-10 minutes. Then, we’ll take a break, head over to the Backcountry Brewery for some pints and continue the discussions and conversations there.

If you’d like to pitch or have questions or suggestions, email us:

RSVP for the next Pitch event at ELEVATE Frisco on Sept. 28. Or, find the whole schedule at our meetup group.