BLOG: Get Unstuck in Business

Everyone faces burn out or hits a wall or just loses motivation. Trust me. I know. I’m stuck. Entrepreneurship is damn hard sometimes. And this is one of those times.

Everyone wants to talk about the sunny, bright side of entrepreneurship and business ownership. But, what we do when we’re stuck is even more important than what we do when we achieve a major milestone.

So, as we get ready to celebrate a major milestone – ELEVATE Frisco’s 2-Year Anniversary (mark your calendar for our soiree on Oct. 19) – I had a revelation. I’m not as motivated as I could be or should be. I’m stuck.

I need to “get going” but how?

Here’s what I’m doing right now to get my motivation mojo back. (and huge thanks to everyone for your support and, for those entrepreneurs who shared their stories and tips with me):

  1. Admit that you’re stuck and seek support and help
    • I didn’t realize how stuck I was until I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Intrepid Entrepreneur, and Kristen (the host) bravely shared her story of being stuck and then how she slowly got herself unstuck. (Thanks Kristen)
  2. Revisit your why (aka your purpose) to reset yourself
    • I recently re-watched the Simon Sinek TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” or as it’s become known “Start with Why” to help me re-focus on my purpose and mission. Then, I wrote my purpose and mission in my notebook so I see it every day.
    • Maybe you need to pivot or change directions entirely. That’s okay. Do it now and do it quickly.
  3. Feel gratitude for where you are (mired in muck) and what you’re learning now even if they’re painful lessons
    • Yeah. This one sounds much easier than it really is. But, trust me – try it. Figure out what you’re supposed to learn from your current situation and be grateful for the lessons and insights. With an “attitude of gratitude, things don’t just look better — they really do get better.”
  4. Dig into where you’re stuck, ask questions to yourself, to your team, to others to help pinpoint:
    1. the limiting belief that’s holding you back
    2. and then the habits that are keeping you stuck
  5. Dig deep to change that limiting belief.
    • This is a tough one to change, but it’s critical. Otherwise, it truly does become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • A business coach can help tremendously with this one. I’m still working through this one.
  6. Commit to getting rid of at least one habit that was holding you back and to trying a new approach or tactic
    • I’m still working on this one.
  7. Keep track of everything and hold yourself accountable. Or, better yet, find an accountability buddy to help you (or business coach)
  8. Celebrate the small wins and small steps forward

As I said, I’m still working through this process but am grateful for the support and for my community. If you’re going through a similar situation, reach out. We’d love to help, support and guide you – and, as always, would love to learn from you, too.

Speaking of which, here are a few more articles and resources:


Here’s to a new day! Make it count.

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