Meet Sarah Stillings

BLOG: Meet Sarah Stillings

Don’t let the cool, calm exterior fool you, Sarah Stillings is a fierce competitor, especially when it comes to trivia night. She has a penchant for learning and exploring. And for pushing herself whether it’s skinning up a mountain, rock climbing or tackling a new project at work. Meet Sarah. She’s a rock climber, skier, jewelry maker, trivia night ninja and part of our ELEVATE tribe.

What do you do (for work, life and play)?

For work, I am a Technical Project Manager for Pearson, an educational technology and publishing company. It’s basically a fusion of project management and web development. For life/play, I love being active — skiing, climbing rocks, hiking, biking , yoga-ing. I also love relaxing with a beer, books, podcasts, movies and even crafts if I’m feeling saucy (I make earrings, tell your friends!)

What’s your vision/goal for this 2016 for work?

I’m wrapping up a long term project that will have a major impact on the department I work in. I’ll be committing a lot of time maintaining that project as it gets off the ground while dipping into other projects.

Why did you move to Summit?

My boyfriend and I became weary of city living. We wanted to find a community who shared our passion for the outdoors. Jesse got a job with the Summit County Open Space and Trails dept and we picked up and moved within a month ‘ s time!

What’s your motivation?

Life balance!  While I value my career, I am definitely a “work to live” type of person. I’m so grateful to be able to work remotely in a mountain town and have the freedom to make my own schedule. That’s what keeps me on track at work.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Self-management. Having never worked 100% remotely before, I’ve always relied on the energy and focus an office environment provided me with. Now that I have no one around me working on the same projects, I’ve learned a lot about how to self-motivate and stay on task. Focusing is MUCH easier being at Elevate than on my couch in sweatpants!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm and only my alarm. I’m not a morning person! 😉

What’s your “WHY” in life or for work?

People (and canines.) Everything I do in work and life centers around the people I care about most; making it to my friends’ weddings, seeing my parents on Christmas, treating my boyfriend to dinner. And I can’t forget my sweet little pup, Cora, who motivates me to work hard so we can play hard!

How do you ELEVATE your BIZ?

Since I work for an established company, I have to go above and beyond to make myself stand out as an asset to the company. I’m always pitching new ideas to improve the business and forming solutions to problems.

How do you manage setbacks or obstacles?

Perseverance. I try to remind myself that set backs are part of work (and life) and carry on. Without the obstacles, life would be pretty boring.

What’s your secret sauce or superhero power or secret weapon?

It’s everyone’s secret weapon, I suppose…Google! I can’t tell you how many sticky (tech) situations I’ve gotten myself out of just by a little research into knowledge base articles and forums. It’s remarkable how much info is out there for the taking and knowing where to look and how to harness that knowledge is invaluable.

What’s your advice to other tech workers or entrepreneurs and business owners?

If you can find a situation where you can work anywhere in the world, snag it! It’s an unbelievable privilege and it will change your life.

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