BLOG: Focus on Improving Your Photography

Are you ready to take your digital photography skills to a new level in 2016? Did you recently get a new D-SLR or a new digital camera and you’re already overwhelmed by it?

While advanced cameras are not as simple as pointing your iPhone, they can help you take your photography quality and vision to new levels. The key is learning which functions you need to focus on to make a difference.

Let’s start with why you’ve picked up the camera in the first place. You are likely a visual person, you really look at the world around you and want to capture what you’re seeing and experiencing.

Based on this, the first part of learning is discovering the three main controls which affect creative outcome. Doing this from the creative concept makes learning easier. Instead of being overwhelmed by the numbers, learn what the controls do and how you use these to further your creative vision.

Simply stated, learn what your creative options are with the camera and which controls to use to accomplishing them.

After you’ve learned what settings give you a particular creative control, learn how the numbers applied to the controls work. Learn how the settings work together affecting your creative outcomes.

Once you’ve learned these basics – which, by the way, have not changed from the days of shooting film – you will be ready to learn more advanced settings on your camera including Auto Focus modes (an important learning curve!), basics about color balance settings and other goodies waiting for you to learn.

Additionally, moving beyond the basics means learning information specific to digital photography,  including understanding how sensors work, what resolution means, which file formats are best and more.

Remember! The basics of photography have not changed from the days of film. Learning to take control of your camera means learning how not to be overwhelmed by it. That means learn which controls you need for any given situation and ignore the rest! Once you simplify your use of the camera you’ll find adding new controls, setting and techniques to be less intimidating. And that means you’ll have more fun creating photographs with your camera.

~ Matt Lit

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