BLOG: Don’t Get Stuck During Mud Season

While most ski resorts have closed for the season, Mother Nature apparently didn’t get the memo. It’s still snowing. Go figure …. Tis the season. it’s mud / snow / sleet / rain / get-me-the-heck-out-of-dodge season in Summit County. 

This is a tough time to live and work in Summit. Businesses shut down. Friends vanish for weeks and post photos on Facebook and Instagram of tropical drinks and waves and desert sunsets. While you’re “stuck” in Summit County, trudging through heavy, wet snow.

Instead of dreading this time of year and getting “stuck” in the mud, here’s our attempt to lift you up and offer a new perspective on mud season. Here are a few reasons to love, okay maybe just “like” mud season:

1. 2-for-1 dining deals. All of those award-winning restaurants that you typically can’t afford, are now luring you in with 50 percent off deals or other tantalizing deals. Eat like a tourist. A rich one but for less, like 50 percent less.

2. Keep skiing. If it keeps snowing, keep skiing or riding. A-Basin and Loveland usually stay open through early June. 

3. Go grocery shopping in less than 15 minutes. There’s no need to play “frogger” with out-of-town tourists in the produce section. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can navigate through the store, pay and get to your car parked right out front. Savor it. (but, be aware – you might run into your neighbors, former colleagues or ex, which could derail your 15-minute-or-less plan)

4. Use this “down time” to organize, strategize and re-focus your life and your business/work. If you’re lucky enough to have a lull in your workload, take that opportunity to hunker down and focus on that back-burner project that’ll help you be more productive and effective. 

5. Get out … of your home office, your comfort zone and connect with a few new prospects or new potential partners or even just a few like-minded colleagues. Don’t hide under the covers and sulk on the sofa. Get out, network and connect. Check out our weekly workshops and other events in April and May. 

6. Keep active. It’s easy to get lazy in between ski/snowboard season and bike/hike season. Join the rec center, sign up for a yoga class or start running. The Bolder Boulder is right around the corner. Join the ELEVATE crew for a run or bike ride. 

7. Get a business coach to help you stay focused and positive. Let us know if you need some recommendations or check out the Small Business Development Center and their free business consulting program. It’s well worth the 5 minutes to register on their site.

See – Mud season can be an inspiring, fun, uplifting time to be in Summit County. It all comes down to your perspective and outlook. Let us know how you’re planning to spend mud season. Now, get out there and get muddy. 

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