BLOG: Why Coworking? Easy Answer: It’s Better

People ask all the time … why coworking? Why not just keep working from home or from a coffee shop. There are benefits no matter where you choose to work and how you work. But, coworking has it all. Let’s take a closer look at why coworking beats a coffee shops or the home “office” any day.

WORKING FROM HOME: Working in PJ’s is fun and easy. But, if you don’t have a dedicated desk, well, sitting on the floor is comfortable for about 15 minutes. Whatever you do, forget about the dirty laundry in the pile of the room or the dishes stacked on the counter. Or that movie you’re dying to watch. Right, Rover? Ugh. I’m talking to the dog again. I need to talk to a real person. 


COWORKING: You get a chair. You have a desk. There are productive, fun people around you inspiring you to get your work done and to encourage you to do it even better than you would on your own. And, at ELEVATE, you have a view. And what a view you get from your own private office. 


WORKING FROM A COFFEE SHOP: There are some perks to a coffee shop, namely coffee, lots of coffee. By 10 a.m. after your third cup of coffee, you might have the shakes and jitters. Typing is tough. Then the phone rings for that important client call. The barista is yelling. A mom with a screaming infant just sat next to you. And, right then, the WiFi disconnects for the 10th time in the last 10 minutes. 


COWORKING: There are a lot of perks to coworking at ELEVATE. Free coffee and tea are just one of them. And, you’re not obligated to drink four cups a day to access the WiFi. You have plenty of elbow room to spread out. You can take that client call without a screaming child. And, the WiFi is the fastest in town. Plus, you’re in an inspiring space with other motivated, savvy people who can “elevate”  your projects and work. 


It’s a landslide victory. Coworking it is, especially at ELEVATE coSPACE where you have a stunning space with natural light, a thriving community and the right resources to help you elevate your business and work from mentors to business workshops to social gathering like ski meetups. Find out more. Contact about a membership 



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