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NEWS: ELEVATE Expands to Breckenridge


A lot can change in a year. Just ask the founders of ELEVATE coSPACE. The area’s first coworking space and innovation center opened on Oct. 1, 2014.  

Since then, ELEVATE has hosted 109 meetups and events ranging from the Startup Ski Summit to Startup Weekend, helped to launch more than seven businesses and been a home for hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, remote workers, tech industry leaders and outdoor industry innovators. Now, ELEVATE is expanding into Breckenridge thanks to a partnership with Hub Breckenridge, a full-service technology boutique. In addition, ELEVATE has launched the new ELEVATE Digital Arts program this month with plans to expand its educational offerings and programs in both Frisco and Breckenridge.

“At ELEVATE, we’re building a hub of innovation for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who dares to think differently and wants to elevate their work, life and play,” says Kemp who also owns her own digital agency, Mountaintop Media.

 As a long-time local with experience in the ski industry and with tech projects like Epic Mix, Kemp has made it her mission to galvanize the Summit County community and to catalyze entrepreneurship, innovation and tech with a focus on the tourism and outdoor industries. It started with the opening of ELEVATE coSPACE in Frisco at 711 Granite Street. And now will continue with the expansion to Breckenridge in Main Street Station this winter.

“Breck is one of the most creative, forward-thinking and progressive mountain towns,” Kemp says. “We’re not just bringing coworking to Breck, we’re also bringing new opportunities to launch ideas, ‘elevate’ existing businesses and diversify our economy. And, it’s an opportunity to position Breck and Summit County as the epicenter for outdoor industry innovation.”

Coworking isn’t just about a flexible workspace or renting a cool desk or an office, she adds. “Coworking is all about collaboration and community. Our new partnership exemplifies that. I’m thrilled to be working with James and the Hub team. They’re some of the most creative, dynamic and brilliant entrepreneurs in the Rockies.”

According to James Lee, founder of Hub Breckenridge and an entrepreneur who owns four other businesses including Fathom VR (virtual reality), the partnership with ELEVATE and his full-service technology boutique, Hub Breckenridge, is a natural extension of the services he offers and an opportunity to bring the coworking model and energy to his hometown of Breck.

“Coworking is an integral part of a thriving startup community,” Lee says. “The partnership between ELEVATE and Hub Breckenridge will make Breck an even more amazing place to start a new business or grow a business. As a serial entrepreneur, I know it’s important to have the support of experienced business owners, as well as to have the energy of collaboration and new ideas. This partnership will bring a new mindset and new tools and support systems for entrepreneurs in Breck.”

ELEVATE plans to open in Hub Breckenridge’s new ski-in, ski-out Main Street Station location in December. ELEVATE at Hub Breck will offer day passes, part-time memberships and full-time memberships. ELEVATE coSPACE in Frisco – at 711 Granite Street – will remain the flagship ELEVATE coworking space and will continue to be home to ELEVATE Digital Arts. 

BLOG: Startup Weekend Returns Nov. 13-15

Ever wondered “what if?” What if I took a chance? What if I followed my dream? What if I pitched an idea?

Now here’s your chance to turn your “what if” into action. Stop talking about it. And start doing it. Summit County Startup Weekend returns to Frisco, Colorado Nov. 13-15.

What the heck is Startup Weekend?

It’s one of the coolest events I’ve attended. It’s 54 hours to take an idea and bring it to life. You can launch a business in one weekend. YES. One weekend.

Why pitch an idea?

Why not – is the better question. If you have an idea … and c’mon, everyone, everyone has ideas … pitch it and see what happens.

How does it work?

First, you sign up for the weekend. Do it here. Do it now.

Then, you come on Friday night to Startup Weekend. Grab some food, grab a drink and network a bit. Then, we’ll sit down and the pitches will start. Pitch an idea or listen to others pitch ideas. We all vote on the ideas and then start to form teams right then and there. The teams will split up between ELEVATE coSPACE (our Frisco coworking space) and evo3 workspace (another coworking space that’s located in Frisco, just across the parking lot) and get to work. Teams will work Friday, Saturday and all morning Sunday right up until the Sunday night pitch event. Coaches and mentors are available to coach and guide teams. Then, the teams gather for the final pitch before a panel of judges on Sunday night. The winners will receive prizes and high fives, of course.

What if I don’t want to pitch an idea?

No biggie. You should still come to the Friday night pitch event and the Sunday night judging event. AND, you should/could still plan to stick around for the weekend. You could join a team and learn a TON about how to launch a business and work as a team. It’s an AWESOME experience.

Is food provided? And is it any good?

Yes and yes. We’re working with some amazing restaurants and caterers. If you have dietary requirements or needs, let us know!

Do I really need to be there all weekend?

If you commit to being on a team and helping that team, yes – you need to be there to help the team. If you’re not sure about your commitment or your interest, come on Friday night and check it out!

How much?

Tickets for the Friday night pitch are only $25 and include dinner. Tickets for the Sunday night judging panel are only $25 and include dinner!

Tickets for the whole weekend are $75 if you buy them before Oct. 30. And $99 for last-minute tickets. Get ’em here.

Student discounts are available. Holler:

If you have any other questions, holler. We’re happy to help.

See you Nov. 13-15. #summitcountysw