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NEWS: Work and Ski in Chamonix, British Columbia, Jackson Hole & Summit County

Work Where You Ski. Ski Where You Work: The Mountain Coworking Alliance Expands Internationally to France and Canada

The Ski Locker in Chamonix and Revelstoke Coworking in British Columbia Added to the Mountain Coworking Alliance

August 2015 – Coworking, innovation and entrepreneurship is on the rise in mountain towns around the world. To help skiers and snowboarders work and play in the mountains, 11 mountain-town coworking spaces, incubators and innovation centers have joined together to form the Mountain Coworking Alliance.

The Ski Locker in Chamonix, France and Revelstoke Coworking in Revelstoke, British Columbia in Canada, are the latest to the join the MCA, a collective of independently owned collaborative workspaces in mountain towns. Together, the MCA provides free reciprocal coworking days at member spaces near Jackson Hole, Vail, Aspen, North Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, Park City, Durango, Breckenridge, Reno and now Chamonix and Revelstoke.   

“Coworking in a mountain town is the best of both worlds – it’s affordable and geared for entrepreneurs to work, meet and network. You can spend less money on rent and more on business or play time” says Jean-Marc La Flamme of Revelstoke Coworking.

The way people work is changing. And where they work is changing. It’s estimated that more than half of the workforce will work remotely by 2020.

Mountain town coworking spaces offer local startups, entrepreneurs, business owners, students and corporate workers plus vacationers a flexible and affordable place to work and gather in a collaborative environment.

“We have to work, but we want to ski, bike and run. This lets us do both” said Nicola Broom, co-founder of the Ski Locker in Chamonix, France. “We’re thrilled that Chamonix is part of the growing mountain coworking movement”.

The Mountain Coworking Alliance is supporting and catalyzing the future of work by offering their members the opportunity to travel, work and play in mountain towns around the world. Full-time members of MCA spaces are given two free days at each of the participating spaces, including:

Revelstoke Coworking in Revelstoke, Canada


Ski Locker in Chamonix, France


Tahoe Mill Collective in North Lake Tahoe (near Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley)


Tahoe Mountain Lab in South Lake Tahoe (near Heavenly)


The CUBE @ Midtown in Reno, Nevada


Spark Jackson Hole in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Assemble Park City in Park City, Utah


DurangoSpace in Durango, Colorado


RiverCoWorks in Basalt, Colorado (near Aspen/Snowmass)


Base Camp in Avon, Colorado (near Vail and Beaver Creek)


ELEVATE coSPACE in Frisco, Colorado  (near Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain)

To take advantage of the two free reciprocal days, workers must have a membership at their home coworking space and must contact the visiting coworking space at least a week in advance to make arrangements and provide verification of membership. Space is offered pending availability.

The Mountain Coworking Alliance capitalizes on another trend – skiers and snowboarders who plan multiple trips within one ski season to different resorts. This has been driven, in part, by the popularity of affordable multi-resort season passes like the Mountain Collective and Epic Pass. The Mountain Coworking Alliance now provides flexible places to work with access to more than a dozen of the top-rated ski resorts in the world ranging from Chamonix to Aspen and from Revelstoke to Park City.

“Ski towns are now year-round destinations making the Mountain Coworking Alliance an excellent resource for our members and traveling visitors who are looking for coworking options in mountain towns”  Jasper Welch, co-founder of DurangoSpace in Durango, Colo., which was one of the first mountain town coworking spaces.

The Mountain Coworking Alliance reciprocal program started last ski season and has expanded considerably since then. For more information about the program, contact the coworking spaces:                                                                            

Nicola at The Ski Locker:

Jean-Marc at Revelstoke Coworking:

Megan at Tahoe Mill Collective:

Jamie at Tahoe Mountain Lab:

Ky at The CUBE:

Jamie at

Megan at Spark Jackson Hole:

Kelly at Assemble Park City:

Steve at RiverCoWorks:

Jasper at DurangoSpace:

Brad or Doug at Base Camp:




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BLOG: Why Outdoor Adventurers are the BEST Innovators


By Hannah Lippe, founder of Harrigan Design

Walk boldly into ambiguity.  Take big risks.  Be present.  Care deeply about the needs of the people around you.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, these mindsets drive your success.  You can’t leave the trailhead on a snowy, cold morning to skin up a mountain without a willingness to embrace ambiguity or take on big risks.  You can’t succeed in that journey without being entirely present, monitoring the weather, being aware of every step you take, and focusing on how your body feels.  You certainly can’t succeed without caring about your partner and checking in to make sure he or she is eating, drinking, and feeling strong.

Consequently, if you’re an outdoor adventurer, you’re a natural innovator.  These mindsets I just described – walking into ambiguity, taking risks, being present, and caring deeply about those around you – are the fundamental mindsets of creativity and innovation.

Last Friday, I ran a design thinking workshop for dozens of outdoor industry entrepreneurs at the Startup Bike Summit in ELEVATE coSPACE, a coworking space, in Frisco, Colorado.  As I quickly described the design thinking process and its underlying mindsets, I watched people’s heads nodding in understanding.  Though only a few people had raised their hands when I asked if they had ever heard of design thinking, they quickly grasped the premise.  Why?  Because they are outdoor adventurers.  They do this every day.

Design thinking is more than just a process – it is truly a mindset.  Being an innovator means adopting creative postures that enable you to heighten your awareness, be curious, listen and learn from those around you, and take a chance on an idea.  Outdoor adventurers do this every day.  How many times have we heard someone say something like, “I’m thinking about traversing the entire ridge of the Gore Range…do you guys know anything about that route? I’m just going to give it a shot and see what happens.”  Outdoor adventurers have deep-seated curiosity, a desire to push the limits, and a willingness to fail BIG.

For instance, one of the participants at the summit, Shawna Henderson, recently founded Adrenaline Escapes, a company that connects people with all the resources they need to participate in adrenaline sports.  She has a hunch that people feel nervous about engaging in these adventures because they do not even know where to begin.  She plans to provide them with access to the guiding companies, gear, and information they need to get started.  She’s taking a big risk by trying to build a business and putting herself and her story in front of unfamiliar people.  But Shawna is no stranger to the unfamiliar and scary – she’s a kayaker, mountaineer, sky-diver, and rock climber.  She knows what aiming high and dealing with fear in the face of risk means – which is why she is going to hit the ball out of the park with her new venture.

Colorado is full of outdoor adventurers.  That means it is also full of the BEST innovators: people with a natural affinity for the creative mindset that spurs innovation.  Denver and Boulder have tapped into that innovation capacity – but, let’s be honest: the real adventurers live in the mountains.  There is boundless opportunity for mountain communities to become entrepreneurial hubs for the state.

ELEVATE coSPACE, a startup effort, recognizes this opportunity and is going to extraordinary measures to foster innovation, support young entrepreneurs, and experiment with different classes and workshops.  Why?  Because it’s run by outdoor adventurers with a willingness to embrace ambiguity, take risks, be present, and care about other people.