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A Community of Badasses


Look for us at StarterHaus located in the new social house + hotel on Park Avenue within GravityHaus.

We’re a community of badasses who believe that it’s time to redefine the “ski bum” lifestyle. We believe there’s a better, more elevated way to work, live and play.

We’re entrepreneurs, innovators, tech geeks and startup founders. More importantly, we’re brothers, sisters, moms, dads, skiers, snowboarders, rock climbers, mountain bikers, kayakers, triathletes, trail runners and badasses.

Work Hard. Play Harder

We all believe in going big. No matter what. We launch startups. We grow businesses. We blaze trails. And climb higher.

We live at the intersection of adventure and tech. We strive to leave our mark on this world without leaving a trace. We are a tribe. And we are creating a hub of innovation, tech and creativity. Join us. And think outside. #ElevateIt


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